Can I add Google Maps to an Unstack page?

1) Go to Google Map Generator
This tool will allow users to highlight a place or address they are wanting to show, simply type in and search for the address that you'd like to show.

2) Register for account & API Key
Next, register a new account to access your API Key. Once you have the API Key, you'll need to copy and paste it into the "Enter your API key" text field.

3) Copy/Paste the custom code into your Unstack editor
Once you've entered in your API key, you'll need to copy and paste the code provided to you at the bottom of the page into a new Unstack custom code component.


Please reference this article for help placing that code provided to you in an Unstack custom component


4) Save & Publish
Once you have copy and pasted the custom code, all that's left is to save and publish the changes you've made!

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