Release 166 | March 8, 2023


A big release with major improvements to the style guide which now allows for mobile-specific defaults on mobile.  

Banner Features

Mobile text & button styles

With this update the Style Guide can now be used to customize your text and button styles on mobile devices. To date, font sizes for headings and text were hard-coded on mobile. This meant that while customers had a lot of control over the way their site appears on desktop they were left with few options on mobile. Today that changes. You can now customize font-size, line-height, letter spacing, and margin on mobile. You can also adjust button height and border-radius.

Component editor device toggle

Similar to how you toggle between devices in the page editor, you can now toggle between devices in the component editor. This allows you to preview your component and different responsive breakpoints.

Complete List of Resolved Items

Mobile editing & preview

  • Feature - Added support for swapping devices in the Component Editor.
  • Bug - Adjusted the selection ring so that it moves with collection items when they are moved.
  • Bug - Fixed an issue where selection ring label appeared through toolbar drop downs.
  • Bug - Fixed an issue where a blank space was appearing on the mobile editor between "new component" and the top header.
  • Tweak - Adjusted the selection ring to persist even when switching between devices.

Editor improvements

  • Bug - Fixed a bug where simply clicking into a box or section would count as a "change" to the page. This made it seem like changes were made to the page when they were not. 
  • Bug - Fixed an issue where a user's cursor would change places when deleting line breaks. 
  • Bug - Fixed an issue where making text bold would scroll the user to the bottom of the editor.
  • Bug - Fixed an issue with page version history for Shopify accounts. 
  • Bug - Fixed an issue where empty text boxes/components were being rendered on the final page.
  • Bug - Fixed a carousel issue that prevented users from being able to delete carousel slides. 
  • Bug - Fixed an issue with classes and properties being applied to both section and section-box.

Style Guide improvements

  • Feature - Added support for mobile style definitions
  • Tweak - Increased the maximum number of fonts from 4 to 8. 
  • Bug - Fixed an issue with custom fonts not rendering correctly in the editor. 
  • Bug - Adjusted bold text to use font weight 700 instead of 900.
  • Tweak - Google fonts now lazy load.

Component properties

  • Feature - Added dividers between all component properties
  • Bug - Fixed a bug where all section toolbar drop downs can be expanded at once.


  • Tweak - Adjusted the link the "Contact us to change you plan" uses.
  • Tweak - Adjusted the link that "Compare Plans" uses.


  • Bug - Fixed an issue where form width wasn't being respected in popover forms.


  • Tweak - Removed Conditional Content (CCD) conditions for Stripe. 


  • Bug - Fixed an issue where some product/custom text sections were missing their text contents.
  • Bug - Fixed an issue where custom code blocks were rendering as "None"

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