Release 164 | January 25, 2023


A smaller release with some nice quality-of-life improvements for our users, and some bug fixes.

Banner Features

Custom headers & footers

As part of an ongoing effort to allow our users more control over their site and pages, we've begun rolling out some changes that will allow users to create their own header and/or footer. More on this in the coming weeks!

Smartlink support for Richtext

Until now it hasn't been possible to add a smartlink to products or forms when linking text. With this release this is now possible!

Infinite scroll on product drawer

Until now, the product drawer only displayed 10 results at a time (with no way to see additional pages). With this release you're now able to see these additional results by simply scrolling to the bottom of the drawer. 

Product search improvements

Our in-app product & collection search has been reworked to use direct API calls to Shopify. This should be much faster than how we currently handle this (syncing products to our database) and won't require users to "sync" after making changes in Shopify.

Complete List of Resolved Items


  • Tweak - Moved shopify product/collection search to use Shopify's API. 
  • Feature - Updated product/collection drawer to scroll infinitely.


  • Bug - Fixed an issue where both Roboto Slab and Catamaran fonts were appearing on all Unstack sites. 
  • Feature - Added support for product & form smart links on rich text elements
  • Feature - Pushed out the initial requirements for the rest of our custom headers & footers work!
  • Tweak - Updated editor so when the title of an already-published page changes, we will no longer  automatically update the page path.


  • Bug - Fixed an issue that was preventing certain pages from not loading in the editor.

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