Release 163 | January 17, 2023


A small release of mostly bug fixes.

Banner Features

Mobile editing updates

Two updates here! The first, when you hide a section on a specific viewport it will no longer show on that viewport. Secondly, we removed the desktop/mobile toggle from Size & spacing. To edit mobile padding or desktop padding you'll now need to use the device toggle in the top of the editor. 

Below is what this option used to look like. You'll no longer find this option in any toolbar.

Stripe integration deprecation

With Release 162 we removed subscription-based content gating, and with this deprecation of our Stripe integrations is complete. You'll no longer find the Stripe integration in Settings > Integrations

Complete List of Resolved Items

Mobile Editing & Preview

  • Tweak - Adjusted device-specific sections so they aren't visible in viewports other than the one that is defined.
  • Tweak - Remove device selector from "Size & spacing" setting
  • Bug - Fixed an issue where child header links would be cut off on mobile if there were a lot of them.
  • Bug - Fixed an issue where scrollbars would appear in places where they weren't supposed to.
  • Bug - Fixed an issue where there would sometimes be overlapping scrollbars in the editor.
  • Bug - Addressed an edge case where the toolbar of the first section could be inaccessible to users if their landing page had no header.

Product Collections

  • Bug - Fixed an issue where "Add to Cart" text wrapped to two lines

Better Lighthouse Scores

  • Bug - Fixed an issue where the font "Inter" was being loaded into all sites.


  • Tweak - Removed Stripe integration from all accounts

Misc. Bugs

  • Bug - Fixed a slight alignment issue for left-aligned actions.
  • Bug - Fixed an article content alignment issue. Article contents are once-again centered on the page.
  • Bug - Fixed an issue with button text hover state on rendered pages. 

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