Release 156 | October 30, 2022


A tidy release with a new beta service (Lambda) rolling out to a select group of customers. We also released a new countdown component and a number of bug fixes. 

Banner Features

Countdown Component

This component allows our users to add a countdown clock/timer to their pages. Crucial for Black Friday, it was a priority for us to get this out before November.


Complete List of Resolved Items


  • Feature - Rolled out to beta participants!

Page Editor

  • Bug - Fixed an issue with how the page editor menu bar appeared when accessing the Unstack admin through Firefox.

Mobile Spacing & Sizing

  • Feature - Updated our header/footer to use the default section width. 
  • Bug - Fixed a bug where setting max-width on a section didn't impact the rendered page.


  • Feature - Added new "countdown" component. 
  • Bug - Fixed an issue where the component editor was stripping out custom CSS property syntax


  • Bug - Fixed an issue where Images/Callouts section wasn't rendering properly. 
  • Bug - Adjusted our 404 page to no longer include a placeholder logo. 

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